News update 17-07-2023

Published on 17 July 2023 at 13:11

Dear conscripts,

First and for all, thank you for purchasing our games! The battle of Waterloo digital downloads as the battle of Hougoumont are doing well. Since the official release of Marshals Unleashed most of you are still in the phase of building the game and some of you already played the game with positive feedback, which is great to hear.

The battle of Hougoumont

Our drill school the battle of Hougoumont has become available on Wargame Vault for download. Hougoumont is designed for those who want to learn our Napoleonic game engine on a small scale. It's the perfect training ground to learn how to use the unit and their abilities on the battlefield. Micromanagement is still possible but on a smaller scale. If you want to try out our games and not sure where to start, Hougoumont is the battle to begin with.

The Wall

If you wish to deploy your troops in secret, you need the deployment wall in order to do so. The Wall is available on Wargame Vault for download.

Customize your armies

We have released the first customized unit, the French fusilier of the line. A more active pose, that brings a more dynamic feel to your army. This is the first of many to come.

Waterloo map black and white edition

Customize your Waterloo battle with the black and white edition of Waterloo.

Marshals Unleashed manual, Napoleon edition.

If you buy the battle of Waterloo the Marshals Unleashed manual is included, which is the standard version of the game. For the Napoleon fans we made a special Napoleon edition of the manual, another great way to customize your game.

Marshals Unleashed Forum

As we are currently working on our tutorial videos, we will start using the forum most probably by the end of the year. As behind the scenes we are working relentlessly on our games and future projects that are in the making. So for now check our tutorial videos, those should be enough to get you well on track with the gameplay. If you have questions, please do ask them in the reply box under this post or add them as a comment under our videos. If you want to register to our forum please do so.


New Rumble channel

Next to our Youtube channel, we also have a Rumble channel. Please subscribe to our Rumble channel and stay tuned for more exciting videos to be posted.


That's it for this news update, keep playing and have fun!


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