Our website provides comprehensive information to help you begin your journey with Marshals Unleashed. To maximize your experience, we highly recommend purchasing the Marshals Unleashed land battles Manual, which offers in-depth insights and strategies.

Deployment and reinforcements

Players typically deploy units within their designated deployment zones, which encompass the first two vertical engagement squares from the map's border and extend horizontally to the edge of the battlefield. Within these squares, units may be positioned on fields, buildings, bridges, or woods. 

Troops can be deployed either individually or in battle groups. For historical maps, certain scenarios require players to deploy at specific locations marked on the battlefield. Once a player has completed their initial moves, the battle truly commences with troops maneuvering into combat range leading up to engagements.


Regarding reinforcements, players can maintain reserve troops off-map behind command charts. In random battles, reinforcements can enter through slots accommodating a maximum of 4 units per turn using one action, entering the battlefield from the bottom side of the map (aligned with where command charts are positioned). Upon deployment, these units must remain stationary for one turn unless they are within proximity of a general and benefit from a bonus movement range. In such cases, the presence of a general enables an immediate extension of their movement range by one operational zone. Generals deployed as reinforcements can be strategically placed at the desired location on the battlefield without incurring any action point expenditure. In historical battles, pathways for reinforcements are indicated by arrows on the battlefield. Notably, generals do not count as individual units; they may accompany a battle group consisting of four units when entering combat

Reinforcements by allied nations
When allied nations dispatch reinforcements, they may deploy to the battlefield in battle groups of up to four units, utilizing one action point per maneuver. For every additional nation that joins the battle in support of their allies, four action points are awarded to the newly entering nation for commanding their troops. Furthermore, if a nation does not receive reinforcements from another ally, they will gain an extra four action points to ensure gameplay remains balanced.

Game icons

Timeline icon
The timeline icon is utilized in historical battles to denote the current turn within the game. Upon completion of each player's moves, advance the timeline icon to the subsequent slot accordingly.

Damage icon
When units incur a single point of damage, whether from firing, charges, or melee combat, their status can be updated by placing a black damage icon (a skull on a black background) on the unit’s display. This method ensures that all players can efficiently monitor the remaining defense value of each damaged unit. For instances where units sustain more than one point of damage, red damage icons (featuring a skull on a red background) should be added to the unit’s display. These are particularly useful for significant harm caused by cavalry charges or artillery canister shots, as they allow for the simultaneous addition of multiple damage indicators rather than individual ones. Red damage icons are available in segments that denote either two or three points of damage at once, while black damage icons represent single hits.

Using the dice

Throwing dice are used to resolve firing attacks, including salvos by musketry or artillery. However, cavalry charges and infantry melee combat are resolved without the need for dice rolls. Physical dice must be purchased separately. Alternatively, a virtual dice app can be used that allows you to upload custom images onto the dice sides. This not only saves time otherwise spent applying stickers but also enhances gameplay by preventing physical disruptions when the dice collide with game components. Whether you prefer traditional dice rolling or utilizing a virtual application, we provide printable dice imagery for sticker printing as well as downloadable images for integration into virtual applications.

The base
Players in Marshals Unleashed may utilize two dice: one representing infantry firing outcomes and the other designated for artillery results. To engage in gameplay, each player must have two 16 mm dice. For enhanced convenience, it is advisable to have two sets available. This straightforward setup ensures a simple and accessible starting point. For those seeking an elevated level of play and a more historically accurate experience, we offer an expansion set of customized dice tailored to further refine the gameplay.

Victory conditions

Victory can be determined through various methods, depending on the mode of play. In Historical Mode, upon completion of all turns, winners may be determined based on several criteria: the number of remaining troops per side, achieved objectives or even total annihilation of an army. Alternatively, players have the option to concede defeat when circumstances become untenable. In Random Battles, victory is mutually agreed upon by means of surrender.