Marshals Unleashed operates on a turn-based system, wherein each player has 4 action points per turn to effectively command their army. These action points may be allocated to various maneuvers and engagements, facilitating dynamic gameplay and strategic depth.

Action points
Action points can be used for executing commands such as moving single units or battle groups, engaging adversaries or exchanging lucky cards in the midst of battles. Additionally, the effectiveness of an action point is significantly enhanced when a unit or battlegroup operates within the command range of a general. Detailed information regarding the influence generals exert over their troops will be provided later in this manual. It is essential to note that players may utilize all actions on the same individual units or within battle groups, with the exception of cavalry. Cavalry units are restricted to a single charge per turn, whether acting as standalone units or within cavalry battle groups. 
Players may choose between two distinct combat actions: initiating ranged attacks or charges/close combat with cavalry and infantry units. Each type necessitates the expenditure of one action point and may be combined with unit movement. Players have the flexibility to use multiple action points to engage with the same single unit or battle groups.

Rolling the dice
Rolling dice is utilized for determining the results of ranged attacks, firing shots executed by infantry and artillery. The success of these engagements hinges on the outcomes of the dice rolls. Players are required to specify whether their troops will engage in firing or charging, as well as identify the specific unit they intend to target.; accordingly, they will roll the appropriate dice based on the nature of combat. For charging maneuvers involving cavalry or infantry, rolling dice is unnecessary; victory defaults to the unit that initiates the charge.

Inflicting damage
When a unit sustains a single point of damage, regardless of whether it is from ranged attacks, charges, or close-quarters combat, its status should be updated accordingly. This can be achieved by placing a black damage icon (featuring a skull on a black background) on the unit's display. Utilizing this system allows all players to effectively track and monitor the remaining defense value of each damaged unit.