Best Napoleonic War Games in 2023 for History Lovers

Published on 14 June 2023 at 19:55

For military enthusiasts, the Napoleonic era would probably be one of the most beloved historical periods. The heroic last stands, epic cavalry battles, huge clashes of arms; it's all there. Shockingly, there are not many Napoleon games that depict this memorable era. The board war games we’re going to show you will put you in the driver’s seat of history and help you conquer most of Europe. The world will be in your hands; your decision will decide the faith of the coming generations. Read this article till the end for some epic Napoleonic war games of 2022. *Hint* The Battle of Waterloo 1815 is the best board war game out of all.

Age of Napoleon

When it comes to recreating the Napoleonic war, the Age of Napoleon has many interesting things to offer. It's a two-player game; one player represents the French and its allies, and the other acts as the Coalition led by Britain. Britain aims to force Napoleon to surrender while the other countries could switch sides through force or diplomacy. The cards show military characters and events. Although it can take up to 3 hours to complete the game, it can finish quickly if a player succeeds in snatching countries. The rules of the game are simple, so beginners can play easily. However, some critics believe the game is a bit pricey compared to the quality of components and fewer scenarios.

Napoleon in Europe

This board war game allows you to take the role of a Napoleonic-era power and control miniature plastic infantry, artillery, and cavalry to simulate the campaigns of Napoleon. You can find various difficulty levels and scenarios in the box. This game can be played by two to seven players and can go on for up to six hours. Napoleon in Europe has clean gameplay and excellent graphics. The best part is that it lets you decide what rules to include, how many turns to take, and how long you want the game to go. Unlike many other Napoleonic war games, it gives you the freedom of choice, which makes it much more fun and thrilling.

Field Commander: Napoleon

If you love solitaire games, you’re definitely going to enjoy the Field Commander: Napoleon. This is one of the few Napoleon games with exceptional tactical battles and scenario-based rules. You get to play as a commander and have many staff and advisors, but in the end, you’ll be the one making all the hard decisions that can change the course of campaigns and decide the destiny of nations. The components of this game are of high quality, and the illustrations are simply beautiful, but it has some faults. Although the rules are written briefly in only 21 pages, they do need an index for better understanding. You will have to re-read each page to determine exactly what the rules are. Also, it's only for one player, so you can't play it with your friends or family.

Victory & Glory: Napoleon

Victory & Glory: Napoleon involves strategy and thrilling tactical battles. In this board war game, the first player acts as Napoleon Bonaparte and tries to dominate entire Europe, while the second player takes charge of Great Britain and other allied nations and attempts to stop Napoleon! Both players will take hold of navies and armies, fight breathtaking battles, add new troops, and take hold of new regions. This is one of the easiest Napoleon games to play, which has several unique unit types and almost 150 event cards. However, this game can be played by two individuals and goes on for around two hours, so it cannot be enjoyed at parties or in big groups. You can find the rules for solo play and multi-player inside the box.

Our Personal Favorite: The 100 Days the battle of Waterloo

If you’re into history, you definitely have heard of the epic Battle of Waterloo 1815. You know that the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Bonaparte, but what if you would get could change the entire history? What if you could beat the Duke of Wellington with your own decisions and change the history of the entire continent of Europe? Wouldn't it be amazing? Waterloo allows you to recreate the historical war and play as the commander-in-chief with 100 units per side. From storyline to gameplay, graphics to components, everything in this war board game is exceptional.

You enter the game as a general fighter, and as you gain experience at the battlefield of Quatre Bras (first of three major battles), you will be able to expand your army and get significant upgrades. You can become Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington and fight the ultimate battle; history is in your hands. Any one of your decisions can change the course of the upcoming generation; isn't that exciting? The best part is, you can simply print, build, and start playing the game without leaving the comfort of your home. Multiple players can enjoy this board war game and have the time of their lives.

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