Lucky cards

During the battle, there are three "Lucky Cards" available for exchange at the cost of one action point. These cards can significantly influence the outcome of a battle in favor of their user. Players may only exchange these Lucky Cards once per battle; therefore, selecting the optimal moment for their use is crucial. The principal benefit of utilizing a Lucky Card is the assured infliction of damage, whether through firing or charging. This capability enables lower-class units to engage higher-class units without necessitating the presence of a nearby general, this applies equally to cavalry units. Lucky Cards therefore serve as an invaluable asset for enhancing troop performance in scenarios where generals are absent and unable to exert their influence on the battlefield. To utilize the "lucky card," simply insert one of the commands into the designated slots located at the bottom section of the map and use one action point in the process.

Infantry lucky card
When deploying an Infantry lucky card, any infantry unit on the battlefield within the appropriate range for targeting or charging may be activated against enemy forces. It is most advantageous to utilize the Infantry lucky card when players have established an extended front line comprising units capable of delivering high damage valor, such as elite infantry units. This strategic use ensures that each unit secures a successful hit without the need to roll the dice and using only one action point, thereby maximizing the inflicted harm on adversary units.

Cavalry lucky card
The "Cavalry" lucky card bestows players with the advantage of initiating a cavalry charge at any location on the battlefield, independent of general influence. This card is particularly advantageous in scenarios where generals are unavailable. Retaining this card as part of your reserves grants players a potent tool to deploy an overwhelming cavalry offensive, potentially delivering a decisive blow to opposing forces. By exchanging this card, you can mobilize all available cavalry units on the battlefield to target enemy units.

Artillery lucky card
By utilizing the “Artillery” lucky card, players can initiate an artillery bombardment across the battlefield using all available batteries within firing range. Each battery guarantees an impact of 1 damage point upon activation. Players have the flexibility to use the batteries as long-range artillery, howitzers for targeting structures or entrenched units or for short-range canister fire with a 3 point of damage. Employing this card results in a formidable artillery strike that inflicts significant damage on enemy forces. Optimal use of this card occurs when all available artillery is positioned within range to effectively target enemy units. No influence of a general is required or dice rolls necessary; simply exchange the card at the cost of one action point and unleash devastating firepower on your adversaries.