Marshals Unleashed commanders,

We are excited to inform you about the newest addition to our Marshals Unleashed Napoleonic board game series, the highly anticipated release of the historical battle for Plancenoit! This latest installment showcases our commitment to providing historically accurate and engaging gameplay experiences.

The battle of Plancenoit stands as a testament to the brilliance of Napoleon and the challenges he faced on the right flank of Waterloo. This epic clash forced the French emperor to redirect and bring forth a significant portion of his forces to protect his right flank. Plancenoit, unlike any other game we have designed thus far, presents a unique set of challenges and an epic battleground where strategy, skill, and unwavering resolve are put to the ultimate test. The terrain, dotted with hedges, walls, and uneven ground, added an extra layer of complexity to the already daunting task of unleashing the full might of their armies.


In the battle for Plancenoit, commanders had to contend not only with the physical obstacles before them, but also the elements of time and morale. The clock, ever ticking, urges swift and decisive maneuvers, while troops' morale are constantly at stake under the pressure of the intense hand to hand combat.

As the sun set on the bloodstained fields of Plancenoit, the carnage left in its wake became a testament to the courage and sacrifice of those who partook in this legendary battle. The echoes of cannons, the clash of swords, and the cries of the fallen reverberated through the ages, forever etching the memory of this epic clash into the annals of history.


Today, the battle for Plancenoit stands not only as a pivotal moment in military history, but also as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who fought valiantly on that fateful day of June the 18th of the year 1815. It serves as a constant reminder that in the face of overwhelming odds, courage, perseverance, and unwavering determination have the power to shape the course of history.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your collection and take part in one of history's most iconic battles. Order your copy today!

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