Engage in historical conflicts or embark on your own nation vs. nation campaign.

The battle maps in "The Road to Quatre Bras" series are designed to showcase the significant locations that played a crucial role during the French military's advance and defensive strategies. These maps also served as outposts for the allies, contributing to their efforts during the 100 days campaign and eventually leading up to the iconic battle of Quatre Bras in June 1815. Whether you choose to experience the historical perspective of the allies or embody the French forces, these battle maps provide an unparalleled gaming experience. Furthermore, they offer ample opportunities for players to create their own unique campaigns and engage in thrilling nation-versus-nation gameplay.

Houtain le Val

Houtain le Val is a small town located just a few miles away from the historic battlefield of Quatre bras. The map accurately depicts the boundaries of the Bossu woods to the east, and on the west side, there are beautiful farmlands with charming little farms surrounding the village of Houtain le Val, leading all the way to the road to Quatre Bras. This battle map is specifically designed for intense field battles, even in a 2 vs 2 nation vs nation gameplay. The strategic points on this map are highlighted by green icons, providing troops with crucial positions to defend against artillery fire or seek shelter. Additionally, there are elevated areas where artillery icons grant players an extended firing range. The battle map of Houtain le Val presents a great challenge for players who wish to test their commanding skills by leading massive armies in preparation for the epic battle of Quatre bras.

Battle grids

The map is organized into large grids, with each one measuring 10x10cm or 4x4 inches. These grids, which we refer to as operational squares, are then further divided into four smaller squares that are 5x5cm or 2x2 inches in size. This division allows for engagements on a macro level. The larger squares are utilized for moving troops in group formations, while the smaller squares are perfect for tactical engagements.This system offers players the chance to engage in combat using their preferred style.

The battle map is marked with green icons that represent important positions that can be captured. These key positions offer valuable protection against cavalry charges and artillery fire, unless the artillery is being used as howitzers. By strategically placing units in squares where the green icons are located, shelter can be obtained and control of that section of the battle map can be secured. In order to capture a key position, infantry units must successfully charge and replace the defending unit within the square, walls, roads, or at the gate/door. Additionally, mounted Generals can seek refuge within squares containing green icons for added protection and to effectively lead their troops.

Order of battle Nation vs Nation

Players are presented with a unique opportunity to test their strategic skills in the game by creating their own personalized order of battle. With the capability to deploy up to 80 units per nation, players can showcase their individual tactical approach and adaptability. 

The freedom to create one's own order of battle not only empowers players, but also opens up a wealth of possibilities for exploring a wide range of strategies and battle tactics.


To play in historical mode, you will need both the French and Dutch army. Alternatively, in nation vs nation mode, you can select your favorite nation and create your own battles. Additionally, two blank 16mm dice are required, or you can utilize our dice app available on our website. 

Content digital download package

The battle map of Houtain le Val comes as a downloadable package in JPEG files, featuring a high-quality battle map size  89x147cm or 33x59.5 inches poster.

For the best results, we recommend printing the package at a local professional printer store as the colors may vary when printed from the screen. Print the battlemaps on a 150-200gr or 40-54 lb poster print. For a sturdier feel, you can print the battle map directly onto materials like foam board or on Frontlit PVC Banner. For printing at home, you can utilize online resources like "Posterizer Online." This tool allows you to efficiently segment both maps into tiles for easy at-home printing. Simply choose your preferred format and configure the layout.