Historical campaigns and battle maps

Our team has researched and recreated each battle, ensuring historical accuracy and attention to detail. From the sprawling battlefields of Austerlitz to the iconic clash at Waterloo, our battle maps capture the essence of these historic engagements. Whether you are a seasoned wargamer looking for a new challenge or a history enthusiast wanting to immerse yourself in the Napoleonic era, our campaigns and battle maps are perfect for you. Each historical map comes with a comprehensive description, providing background information on the historical context, commanders, and strategies employed in each battle. In addition to our Napoleonic War campaigns, our battle maps are also compatible with other other miniature wargaming units of 6mm-12mm-18mm. Our historical battle maps allow players to recreate famous battles or design their own scenarios, providing endless hours of tactical enjoyment. The battle maps offer a unique way to learn about and appreciate the Napoleonic era while relishing the challenges of commanding armies in the heat of warfare.