The battle for Plancenoit 1815

As the intense battle of Waterloo raged on, a glimmer of hope appeared in the distance for the allied forces. The Prussian army began to emerge from the bois de Paris, heading towards the village of Plancenoit. Napoleon realized that his right flank was in grave danger and made a swift decision to defend Plancenoit and buy himself some much-needed time for his final assault on Wellington's center. To ensure that Plancenoit remained out of enemy hands, Napoleon sent in the Imperial Young Guard to support the line regiments. Their task was to prevent the Prussians from seizing control of the village and posing a threat to Napoleon's vulnerable right flank. In a display of fierce determination, the Prussians managed to capture Plancenoit, prompting Napoleon to take immediate action.

In a bold counterattack, two battalions of Napoleon’s elite Old Guard were deployed to recapture Plancenoit from the Prussian forces. These soldiers, highly trained and disciplined professionals, marched with unwavering resolve towards their objective. On the other side, the Prussian army consisted mostly of young recruits and inexperienced landwehr troops who had not seen significant battle before. The battle for Plancenoit quickly escalated into brutal close-quarters combat. Door by door and at bayonet point, both sides fought relentlessly for control over every inch of ground. The Church of Plancenoit became a pivotal location in this struggle as its sturdy stone walls offered strategic advantages for both armies.


During the fierce battle of Plancenoit, capturing key points played a significant role in the strategy. These crucial locations are clearly marked with green icons on the battlemap. Securing these key points not only signifies gaining control over parts of the village but also grants immunity against cavalry and artillery fire, unless the enemy resorts to using howitzers. The Prussians strive to capture as many of these 17 key points as possible, pushing westward towards La Belle Alliance. On the other hand, the French defended Plancenoit vigorously, determined to prevent it from falling into Prussian hands. They focus on protecting key points on the battle map and blocking any attempt by the Prussians to break their defensive line to the west. It is important to note that units stationed in operational squares in the town center of Plancenoit marked with a green key point must refrain from using gunfire; victory can only be achieved through hand-to-hand combat with bayonets. In essence, it requires charging forward fearlessly and without hesitation. Obviously this is an option to consider to play with or not.

Deployment and timeline

The French army will begin by deploying all available troops and strategically occupying 17 key points within the village of Plancenoit and its surroundings. Each key point square can have a maximum of 2 units of choice. However, the Imperial young and old guard will enter the battle at later stages, specifically at turn 7 and turn 14, as indicated on the timeline at the bottom of the map. The Prussian forces, on the other hand, will start their engagement from the north west and north east on the first turn by entering a maximum of 16 units of choice on the battlefield. They will have another 4 waves during the battle to enter reinforcements to bring a maximum of 13 units per wave in group formations to simulate their gradual buildup towards Plancenoit. It's important to note that a Prussian General does not count as a unit. The Prussian army will enter in waves every 6 turns with each wave consisting of a maximum of 13 units in group formations, as designated on the timeline.

Victory Conditions

As the Prussians

The objective for the Prussians is to achieve victory conditions by strategically breaking through the French defensive lines. This can be accomplished by successfully capturing the church of Plancenoits and securing all its key points. Once this objective is completed, the Prussian forces are expected to continue their advance, moving westward along the road towards la Belle Alliance and Rosomme.


As the French

In order to effectively hinder and prolong the Prussian advance, it is imperative for the French forces to strategically blockade and impede their progress. If, by the 36th turn, the exit roads leading towards La Belle Alliance and Rosomme remain firmly under French control, it can be regarded as a tactical triumph. In essence, this signifies the preservation of the last eight critical key points along the western front or the final line of defense for the French.

Game requirements

To authentically recreate the Battle of Plancenoit, the following items are required: two 16mm blank dice, which are not included in this package. Alternatively, you may use our virtual dice application. Additionally, separate purchases of both the French and Prussian army sets are necessary to complete your historical battle experience.

Recommended order of battle 

The Prussian army

Field commander: General von Bülow commander of the IV corps (unlocked in this battle).

  • 8 Prussian landwehr jäger infantry
  • 4 Prussian jaeger infantry
  • 28 Prussian landwehr infantry
  • 16 Prussian fusiliers infantry
  • 4 Prussian Uhlans cavalry
  • 4 Prussian landwehr cavalry
  • 4 Prussian field artillery

Total 68 units


The French Army

Field commander: Emperor Napoleon commander of the French army.

  • 8 Voltigeurs light/chasseurs 
  • 16 infanterie de ligne
  • 1 old guard grenadiers
  • 1 old guard chasseurs
  • 2 young guard tirailleurs 
  • 2 young guard voltigeurs
  • 2 chasseur à cheval
  • 4 chevaux légers lanciers
  • 2 French field artillery

Total: 36 units

Total units in the game 104


Gaming time: +180 mn


Experience the battle of Plancenoit like never before and seize the opportunity to rewrite history against an overpowering Prussian force. Despite the Prussians numerical advantage, a resolute French army stands ready to fight to the bitter end for their Emperor. The battle for Plancenoit holds thrilling prospects for both sides, with a captivating buildup of forces and strategic choices that will determine whether the ground is broken or held in a race against time. Prepare yourself for an EPIC Napoleonic battle unlike any other.

Content digital download package

The battle for Plancenoit comes as a downloadable package in JPEG files, featuring a high-quality battle map size 89 x 147 cm or 33 x 59,5 inches poster. By downloading the battle for Plancenoit, you will unlock the esteemed Prussian general von Bülow as a commander. Not only that, but you will also gain access to 20 additional Prussian landwehr battalions to bolster your order of battle. Get ready to expand your strategic options and conquer the battlefield with this incredible bonus.

For the best results, we recommend printing the package at a local professional printer store as the colors may vary when printed from the screen. Print the battlemaps on a 150-200gr or 40-54 lb poster print. For a sturdier feel, you can print the battle map directly onto materials like foam board or on Frontlit PVC Banner. For printing at home, you can utilize online resources like "Posterizer Online." This tool allows you to efficiently segment both maps into tiles for easy at-home printing. Simply choose your preferred format and configure the layout.