The Duchy of Brunswick

The Duchy of Brunswick played a significant role in the Napoleonic wars, particularly during the 100 days campaign of 1815. As part of the German Confederation, the Duchy had a powerful army corp that was fiercely loyal to its monarchy. The army of Brunswick, led by the Duke himself, was known for its disciplined and skilled soldiers who fought alongside other European forces against the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

During the Battle of Waterloo, also known as ont Saint Jean, the Brunswick army displayed their bravery and tenacity on the battlefield. Despite suffering heavy casualties, they fought valiantly against the French forces and made a significant impact on the outcome of the battle. One distinct feature of the Brunswick army was their unique and striking black uniforms, which earned them the nickname "Totenkopf" or "Death's Head" regiments.


This intimidating appearance surely struck fear into their enemies' hearts and added to their reputation as a formidable force. The Duchy of Brunswick and its army will forever be remembered for their heroic contributions to the Napoleonic wars and their role in the decisive 100 days campaign.

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