Battle of Quatre-bras

As the Allied commander, your objective is to hold your ground until reinforcements arrive, restoring balance to the battle. As the French, time is crucial, as the main Allied army is nearby. Clear the Bossu woods of Allied resistance, capture Quatre Bras, and advance towards Brussels. Marshals Unleashed Battle of Quatre Bras is a challenging game that tests your time management and strategic thinking. 

Battle for Plancenoit

During the fierce battle of Plancenoit, capturing key points played a significant role in the strategy. These crucial locations are clearly marked with green icons on the battlemap. Securing these key points not only signifies gaining control over parts of the village but also grants immunity against cavalry and artillery fire, unless the enemy resorts to using howitzers. The Prussians strive to capture as many of these 17 key points as possible, pushing westward towards La Belle Alliance. On the other hand, the French defended Plancenoit vigorously, determined to prevent it from falling into Prussian hands. They focus on protecting key points on the battle map and blocking any attempt by the Prussians to break their defensive line to the west. 

Battle of Waterloo

Waterloo, Napoleon's final battle, held the potential to change history or maintain the status quo. Following a draw at the Battle of Quatre Bras, the Duke of Wellington regrouped his army at Waterloo.

Battle for Hougoumont

Hougoumont is part of our military drill school and part of our flagship the battle of Waterloo, you will command a small army mainly consisting of light and line infantry, artillery and light cavalry. This battle is focussed on capturing buildings by using the infantry and artillery in support. Both sides have 21 turns to capture or hold the Chateaux of Hougoumont and its gardens. The French army is led by Prince Jerome Bonaparte and the Allied forces are under direct command of the Duke of Wellington.