We are proud to announce the release of our latest creation, "The Road to Quatre Bras" battle map series. This series is a culmination of our dedication to providing the finest Napoleonic gaming experience for our community. Consisting of three designed maps, each with their own unique challenges and levels of difficulty, this series aims to simulate the advancement of the army of the North towards the monumental battle of Quatre Bras. Take on the task of capturing or defending the town of Thuin by crossing the river Sambre via its bridge, pave your way towards Charleroi by strategically seizing control of surrounding villages near Montigny, and engage in a large-scale field battle just miles away from the epic battleground itself. With nation vs nation compatibility, players have limitless opportunities to create and partake in their own captivating campaigns and battles. Indulge yourself in this extraordinary journey through history!

New Grids

The exclusion of headers and timelines in the nation vs nation map, such as those used in historical battles, provides commanders with greater flexibility in maneuvering their troops. The 10x10cm or 4x4 inch grids are subdivided into 4 smaller squares, allowing for engagement at macro levels. This enables commanders to select their preferred battle style. It is recommended to utilize the artillery and cavalry range based on the larger grids, while engaging with infantry within the range of the smaller grids. Ultimately, the choice of combat style is left up to you.

Virtual dice

Accessing the tools page will provide you with a virtual dice that can be used to enhance your battle gameplay. You can also immerse yourself in the incredible ambiance of Napoleonic war by using this option. Both alternatives are available on the virtual dice page.

Nation vs nation gameplay

We are excited to announce the launch of the nation vs nation gaming mode, a thrilling new feature that allows players to take command of their favorite nations on the battlefields of their choice. Whether you prefer historically accurate battles or specially designed scenarios, nation vs nation gameplay offers endless possibilities. With this mode, players have the ability to create their own campaigns, battles, and orders of battle for an immersive gaming experience. To enhance your gameplay in nation vs nation mode, we have also introduced five nations armies available for individual purchase. These armies can field 80 units each to further customize your battles on any map of your choosing. For an exceptional gaming experience in the nation vs nation mode, we highly recommend exploring our "The Road to Quatre Bras" battlemap series, which provides excellent settings for epic showdowns between nations. Get ready for intense strategic warfare like never before!

Upgraded maps

We are pleased to announce our recent upgrades and redesigns to the battle maps of Waterloo and Hougoumont. Our new standard includes a brand new terrain design, as well as the addition of green icons that represent occupied sections of the square, providing protection against cavalry and artillery fire (except for howitzers). The height position icons for deploying artillery units have been replaced with new red icons. By deploying your troops in squares with the artillery symbol, your battery will gain an extra range in firing. The upgraded maps of Waterloo and Hougoumont are now available for download. If you have previously purchased these maps, simply redownload them for free at Wargamevault.

A4 and US letter tiles

All battle maps are available for download with tiles included, so you can easily print and assemble them at home. This allows those who are unable to access a printer store the opportunity to create their own maps. When printing at home, it is crucial to ensure that your printer is set to borderless printing and that the document size matches accordingly. Please note that we cannot guarantee the perfect outcome of prints due to various factors that may influence the final result.


We are pleased to present the upgraded version of Marshals Unleashed, which promises an enhanced gaming experience. With our latest updates, we have opened up a world of possibilities for players to immerse themselves in Napoleonic wargaming. Commanders now have the unique opportunity to create their own campaigns, battles, and much more. We invite you to explore this exciting new level of gaming that awaits you.



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