Germany landscapes - battle maps - coming soon

We are still in proces to complete the random maps. Only the historical 1815 campaign is available at this time.

Germany offers a rich and diverse landscape that is truly a haven for Napoleonic wargamers. From rolling hills to dense forests and majestic rivers, the German countryside provides a stunning backdrop for recreating historic and custom Napoleonic battles. The battle maps available in Germany cater to every manner of strategy and tactics, ensuring that wargamers can truly immerse themselves in the world of Napoleonic warfare. The expansive and varied terrains offer numerous opportunities for different styles of gameplay, whether it be maneuvering troops through open fields or engaging in guerrilla warfare within the depths of a dense forest. The German landscape, with its picturesque valleys and towering mountains, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the wargaming experience, allowing players to almost feel the very ground shake as cannons fire and soldiers charge into battle. Moreover, the historical significance of many of these landscapes only adds to the allure, as wargamers can imagine themselves standing where great generals once led their armies to victory or defeat. Overall, Germany provides an unparalleled scope of stunning landscapes that not only captivates the eye but also fuels the imagination of Napoleonic wargamers seeking to recreate the grandeur and excitement of historic battles.

Compatible with 6-12-18mm wargaming miniatures

In addition to their compatibility with our own miniature wargaming units, our battle maps are also designed to be compatible with other miniature wargaming units ranging in size from 6mm to 18mm. Whether you prefer smaller, more detailed miniatures or larger, more imposing ones, our battle maps can accommodate a variety of scales. This versatility allows players to seamlessly integrate their existing collections or mix and match different units for even more dynamic and diverse gameplay. With our battle maps, the possibilities for epic battles and strategic encounters are endless, limited only by your imagination and the size of your miniature army. So gather your troops, set up the terrain, and prepare for thrilling tabletop warfare unlike anything you've experienced before.