Nations vs Nations Napoleonic Battlemaps

Nations vs nations maps are a unique concept in historical battle maps. Unlike traditional historical maps that come with headers and timelines, these maps provide players with the freedom to design their own campaigns and play them with their preferred nations. The best part is that players can even download different armies for each nation separately, allowing them to build their armies according to their strategic preferences. Once players have assembled their forces, they can select a nations vs nations map and immerse themselves in creating their own campaigns and battles on historical battlegrounds.

One of the advantages of these maps is that they do not include headers and timelines, which means there are more squares available for moving armies. This opens up endless possibilities for players to strategically maneuver their troops across the map. The maps are available in various downloadable formats, catering to different preferences. Players can choose from big posters sized at 89x147cm or 33x59,5 inches


Nations vs nations maps offer a whole new level of customization and creativity to historical wargaming. With the freedom to design campaigns, choose favorite nations, and maneuver armies on spacious maps, players can truly immerse themselves in the world of historical battles. So get ready to rewrite history and create epic battles on these unique and engaging battle maps.

Recommended order of battle setup per nation

Line - Militia infantry class 1-2  / 24 units of choice
Light infantry class 3 / 12 units of choice
Elite infantry class 4 / 4 units of choice
Guard infantry class 5 / 4 units of choice
Light cavalry class 6 / 6 units of choice
Medium / heavy cavalry class 7 / 6 units of choice
Elite heavy cavalry class 8 / 4 units of choice
Guns class 9 / 8 units
Generals class 10 / 2 generals of choice
Sapper class 11 / 2 units
Medic class 12 / 2 units

74 untis per nation


Battle maps

The road to Quatre Bras battle map series