An Introduction to Marshals Unleashed Napoleonic Wargaming

Our Napoleonic wargaming platform, "Marshals Unleashed," provides a captivating and authentic experience that transports players into the heart of the Napoleonic era without leaving their homes. Designed with user-friendly features for building engaging wargames, it delivers endless entertainment for enthusiasts of all ages. Players can expect numerous hours filled with enjoyment, enriched family interactions, and shared laughter as they delve into historical strategies and battles. In order to quickly familiarize yourself and begin playing our games according to your individual interests and situation, we suggest thoroughly reading this comprehensive guide. Our downloadable package includes games, units, battlemaps and accessories.This allows for easy printing and assembly of our games at home. 

Join our community
We cordially invite you to become a part of our community on Youtube and Rumble. Those platforms offer an excellent opportunity for you to engage with fellow enthusiasts, exchange strategies, and participate in dynamic discussions pertaining to the game. By subscribing to Marshals Unleashed, you will unlock access to exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes previews, expert gameplay advice, and the latest updates about our games. We encourage you to subscribe today and join our expanding community.

How to buy
For the purchase and immediate download of our products, we invite you to visit our official Print Build Play  store on Etsy. Please ensure that you have an active account on Etsy. Once logged in, navigate to our shop to select and purchase your desired product. Upon completion of payment, the product will be available for instant download.

Embark on your Napoleonic journey
Embarking on your venture into Napoleonic Wargaming begins optimally with the purchase of The Battle of Hougoumont. This introductory game serves as a foundational military drill school, crafted to equip you with essential skills for larger and more complex engagements. We recommend that after honing these skills, you consider enhancing your experience by acquiring our flagship game, The Battle of Waterloo.

Gaming modes
In "Marshals Unleashed," players are presented with a versatile gaming experience, enabling them to engage in their preferred war gaming styles including historical scenarios, nation versus nation clashes, and random map challenges. For historical gameplay, the game accurately provides the historical order of battles tailored to specific historic encounters. Alternatively, in nation versus nation or random map modes, players have the freedom to design their own campaigns or delve into unpredictable battles featuring their chosen nations. Each nation boasts the capacity to deploy up to 80 units; however, this excludes the Brunswick corps which has its own unique limitations.

Customize your game
Enhance your gaming experience with our collection of battlemaps, custom units, and accessories. Our fully integrated games for the Battles of Waterloo and Hougoumont include downloadable maps, units, and game icons in a complete package. All additional products are available for individual purchase to complement your gaming needs as desired. For those interested in engaging with historical battles, certain nations must be acquired to authentically recreate these events. These specific nations can be purchased alongside your chosen historical battle set to ensure a comprehensive gameplay experience.

There are two primary methods for learning how to play Marshals Unleashed. Firstly, you can access comprehensive tutorials on our website under the 'Tutorials' section, which will equip you with all the necessary information to begin playing. Alternatively, we offer a detailed manual available for purchase in our shop. Should you choose to acquire The Battle of Waterloo or Hougoumont, the manual is included as part of your download package.

For the best results, we recommend printing the package at a local professional printer store as the colors may vary when printed from the screen. Print the battlemaps on a 150-200gr or 40-54 lb poster print. For a sturdier feel, you can print the battle map directly onto materials like foam board or on Frontlit PVC Banner. For printing at home, you can utilize online resources like "Posterizer Online." This tool allows you to efficiently segment both maps into tiles for easy at-home printing. Simply choose your preferred format and configure the layout. Learn more about building your Marshals Unleashed game visiting the tutorial page.

When it comes to the game pieces, it is recommended to print them on either semi-glossy or matte A4 size paper or 8.5x11 inches size paper. The maximum weight for the paper should be around 150-200 grams or 40-54 lb. You can find both formats available in JPEG files for your convenience. Cut the units to size using a cutting mat, glue roller, a Stanley knife and ruler. Fold the units into the correct shape using the ruler and the horizontal strip as a guide. Glue the white parts together, pressing gently after gluing to make sure no air bubbles remain.

For achieving the best and quickest results, equip yourself with a cutting board, a reliable Stanley knife, a metal ruler, and a second ruler or a geo triangle. To seal your work, we recommend using glue rollers for the unit displays and regular tape for the maps. To optimize your gaming experience, it is essential to utilize two 16mm blank dice. For those who wish to avoid the inconvenience of procuring physical dice and applying stickers, we offer an accessible alternative through our virtual dice available on our website.