Relive the Napoleonic wars like never before

Print Build Play offers Napoleonic tabletop games that you can download print, build, and play right at home. Experience the thrill of the Napoleonic wars with our board games. Our games offers a unique opportunity to command your own army and play at different levels of Napoleonic wargaming, perfecting your own strategic insight as you go.  Discover everything you need for our exciting Napoleonic wargames, including historical battles, maps, units, tutorials, and more.

The battle of Waterloo

If you’re into history, you definitely have heard of the epic Battle of Waterloo 1815. You know that the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Bonaparte, but what if you would get could change the entire history? What if you could beat the Duke of Wellington with your own decisions and change the history of the entire continent of Europe? Wouldn't it be amazing? Waterloo allows you to recreate the historical war and play as the commander-in-chief with 100 units per side. From storyline to gameplay, graphics to components, everything in this war board game is exceptional.

Print it, Build it, Play it. It's that simple!

Waterloo comes as a downloadable package in jpeg files, featuring a high-quality battle map (160 x 90 cm or 62.99 x 35.43 inches), 69 artwork military units, 257 units on the battlefield, 30-page manual, icons and game instructions for you to print and build at home. Assemble your army and play.