Relive the Heroic Battle of Hougoumont in Miniature War Gaming

Published on 29 July 2023 at 09:30

Step into the captivating world of miniature war gaming as we transport you to the heroic Battle of Hougoumont. Amidst the vast landscape of the Napoleonic era, Hougoumont stands as a testament to valor and resilience. With Print Build Play's expertly crafted miniatures, experience the intensity of this historical clash in a compact and thrilling setting.

The Battle for Hougoumont: A Miniature War Gaming Marvel

Hougoumont takes center stage in our collection of Napoleonic miniature board games. As part of the Battle of Waterloo, this focused battle showcases a small army primarily composed of light and line infantry, artillery, and light cavalry. Strategically capture buildings with infantry and artillery support in this compact and engaging miniature war gaming marvel. Defend or conquer Hougoumont within 21 turns as the French army led by Prince
Jerome Bonaparte faces the Allies under the command of the Duke of Wellington.

Masterful Gameplay and Tactical Brilliance

The rules of engagement in Hougoumont are akin to our grand land battles, ensuring continuity and a seamless transition into this focused miniature board game. Sharpen your tactical brilliance and troop management skills in this drill school experience. Prepare to lead entire armies as a commander in chief, equipped with the expertise gained in the miniature war gaming world of Hougoumont.

Deployment and Immersive Miniature War Gaming

The battle commences as both sides deploy units within their designated zones, making crucial decisions to occupy specific areas on the battlefield. Immerse yourself in the strategic intricacies of Hougoumont and relive the heroic deeds of those who defied the odds. Whether you change the course of history or uphold the legacy of the Allied forces, the fate of nations rests in your hands.

Print, Build, and Command

With Print Build Play's downloadable package, assemble your army and experience the thrill of miniature war gaming in the comfort of your home. The package includes a high-quality battle map (50 x 70 cm or 18 x 24 Inches), artwork for military units, 50 units on the battlefield, icons, dice stickers, and game instructions. Print, build, and command your troops as you embark on a captivating journey into Napoleonic history.


Venture into the heart of miniature war gaming and relive the heroism of Hougoumont. This compact and intense miniature board game perfectly complements the grandeur of Waterloo, enhancing your skills for commanding vast armies. Immerse yourself in the excitement, strategy, and historical significance of Napoleonic miniature war gaming with Print Build Play's expertly crafted miniatures.

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