How to Use Action Points in Marshals Unleashed Napoleonic Wargaming

In Marshals Unleashed Napoleonic wargaming, each side has 4 action points per turn. The standard rule is that individual units or units in group formation can use one action point per turn. Action points can be used in two ways on the battlefield: movement or attacking enemy units through charging or firing.


Standard Use of Action Points without the Influence of a General:



A single unit or a group formation can be moved to another square within its standard moving range. This maneuver costs one action point.



  • An attack, whether by a single unit or units in a group formation, costs one action point.
  • If three units from a group formation engage in battle, it costs three action points.
  • However, if a mass cavalry charge is executed with units from within the group formation, all individual attacks from artillery, infantry, or single cavalry units cost only one action point.

The General's Influence and Combining it with Action Points:

Each general present on the battlefield adds a bonus of +1 movement range to their troops, whether they are acting as individual units or in group formations. Additionally, the troops under the general's command, benefiting from the extra move range, can engage in battle directly by firing artillery or infantry, or by charging with infantry and cavalry. This extended engagement costs one action point and can be combined in several ways.

Examples of Combinations:

Move + Bonus Movement:

The influence of the general allows the unit to move one extra range in all directions. This bonus applies to infantry, cavalry, and artillery (except for light infantry class 3, which already has a moving range of 2 squares in all directions).  This combination of moves costs one action point.


Bonus Movement + Attack:

A single unit moves to another square using the bonus movement range to attack an enemy unit. Once in position, the unit engages by firing or charging. This combination of moves costs one action point.


Attack + Bonus Movement:

A single unit engages the enemy by charging or firing. After the attack, the unit can use the additional bonus movement to move to any direction, either for safety or to another position on the battlefield. This combination of moves costs one action point.


Bonus Movement + Attack (Group Formations):

A group formation moves to a position to engage the enemy, utilizing the bonus movement provided by the general. If the group consists of mixed units like infantry, artillery, and cavalry, you can apply micromanagement to prepare an attack with any of the units. Each engagement or movement of units from the group to another square costs one action point. In this example, the bonus movement granted by the general's influence is used to move the group into an attacking position, costing one action point. Once in position, the three remaining action points can be used to engage the enemy with units from the group.


The reversed combination can also be applied. For example, 3 units of the group formation can engage in battle by charging (infantry and cavalry units), while the remaining units from the group can be moved to another position using the bonus movement. This combination of moves costs 3 action points for the engagements and 1 action point for moving the remaining units as a group.

Unlimited combinations

These rules provide numerous possible combinations, allowing commanders to experiment with different group formations and apply various battle tactics. As you play more, you'll learn and improve your ability to create and execute effective combinations.