The battlefield consists of cells called operational squares. Units can move freely in any direction across these squares according to their limits. Artillery and Cavalry cannot enter or cross woods and buildings; they must move around them. Mounted Generals, however, can cross woods and enter buildings.

Operational range

Each unit has its own operational range, depending on the unit's category and its purpose (movement or engagement). A unit's position in a square is its starting range. If the range is one square, the unit can move one square in any direction, which can be used for movement or engagement.

Group formations

Units may be strategically positioned within a single square to assemble a diverse group anywhere on the battlefield. This tactic provides commanders with the flexibility to maneuver an extensive array of unit types across the battlefield with a range of 1 square in any direction; take note that some units such as cavalry and artillery can not enter woods. In the event that a commanding officer falls in range of a group formation, it presents an advantage for the group, facilitating an extended movement range on the battlefield. This enhancement allows for a bonus move, increasing from 1 to 2 squares in any given direction. Playing the game at the General level, any commanding officer can add a +1 move range to a group formation consisting of different types of units, this if the commander is in range of influence. Playing the game at Field Marshal level, commanding officers are restricted to add the bonus range upon the specific type of units under their command. The ability of command is displayed on the top of the map playing historical battles or on the website under each nation/commander page. In other words a General able to command infantry can only add a +1 move range to units within the group formation and so on. In such a case combining the presence of generals with different abilities is the only way to add the bonus range to group formations composed of different units playing at the rank of Field Marshal.