Gaming levels

Level General

All units can benefit from the General's influence. Any general can deploy artillery on heights, command regimental volleys, and initiate mass cavalry charges.

Level Field Marshal

Generals have limited influence over units under their command, which is displayed on the commander's chart at the top of the battlemap. In order to execute regimental volleys, a general with the ability to command infantry must be within range of influence. The same rule applies to deploying artillery on heights and benefiting from a longer firing range. Similarly, only generals and commanders who possess the ability to command cavalry can lead a mass cavalry charge with up to six units, consuming one action point. The ability to influence these types of units is exclusive to generals and commanders who possess the corresponding command abilities.

Victory conditions

Achieve battlefield victory in one of three ways:

  1. Fight to the death! Eliminate all enemy units to win.
  2. Surrender to save lives: Choose humiliation over honor by surrendering your entire army.
  3. Capture the Commander: Force the enemy army to surrender by capturing their commander.

Combine both historical and alternative battles with a timeline Challenge

For a real challenge, use the countdown clock (2 minutes per turn) from the game's YouTube page. The cannon shot signals the end of a turn, and you may not always be able to use all four action points in this mode.